Periodontal Gum Treatment

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Periodontal Gum Treatment

The build-up of plaque and tartar (especially when gum pockets have developed) will lead to teeth and bone loss. It’s important to treat this early to avoid expensive surgical procedures.

For mild gum diseases, deep cleaning might be enough to solve the issue. The dentist will scrape off the tartar and plaque from the tooth and root surfaces. This is to prevent further plaque build-up and bacterial proliferation.

In many cases that’s already sufficient because the gums will naturally heal and gradually attach themselves on the healthy teeth. One or a few more visits may be required to ensure the problem is solved.

Advanced cases of periodontal disease

The case is different though with advanced periodontal disease wherein the gum can’t fit snugly with the tooth or there’s significant loss of bone structure surrounding the affected tooth.   Gum and bone grafts might be required to repair the loss. In some cases the pocket may just be reduced to make the gum fit snugly with the tooth. The treatment might be different from patient to patient depending on the severity of the damage.   It’s especially the case when bone grafts are required. Periodontal disease can destroy bone structure in a particular area. The loss can be solved by placing natural or synthetic bone, and then stimulating the area to regrow bone and tissue.

Effective periodontal maintenance

After the procedures, maintenance will be required to keep plaque and tartar from building up again. Effective and routine oral care is the key to preventing periodontal disease in the first place. This will provide fewer chances for bacteria to proliferate and destroy the bone surrounding your teeth.   Here at Rickard Dental Centre, we perform Periodontal Gum Treatment with a focus on effectiveness and safety. We create a personalised treatment plan according to the specific condition of each patient.